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Google Pixel 8 vs. Apple iPhone 15: Display, Processor, Camera, and Price compared

Recently, Google revealed its much-anticipated Pixel 8 Series, which includes the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 8 Pro. The 6.2-inch Actua display on the new Google Pixel 8 has a […]

Yaariyan 2 Movie Review: दिव्या खोसला कुमार की यह फिल्म आपकी उम्मीद से बेहतर है

There are some movies that you just don’t think can be excellent or that good. The movie Yaariyan 2 is similar. the movie’s trailer, as well as the manner in […]

Ganapath Part-1 Movie Review : Tiger Shroff | Kriti Sanon | Amitabh Bachchan

Movie Review: Everything begins with a conflict that splits our society in half. The high-tech “Silver City,” where you see more drones than people, was built by wealthy people. Poor people […]

OnePlus Open : Price | Specifications | सोनी LYTIA कैमरा सेंसर | स्नैपड्रैगन 8 जेन 2 SoC भारत में लॉन्च किया गया

The first foldable phone from OnePlus was introduced on Thursday in India and other markets. The device features a 7.82-inch AMOLED inner display combined with a 6.31-inch outside screen, both […]

HyperOS Features | स्क्रीनशॉट ऑनलाइन लीक हो गया | Xiaomi 14 सीरीज़ के Lunched डेब्यू से पहले

Before its official release, Xiaomi’s MIUI Android skin’s replacement, HyperOS, has been leaked online. The new operating system (OS) shell will launch alongside the Xiaomi 14 series, according to the […]

Xiaomi 14 के संपूर्ण स्पेसिफिकेशन ऑनलाइन लीक; स्नैपड्रैगन 8 जेन 3 SoC, 1.5K स्क्रीन प्राप्त करने की सलाह दी गई है

The Xiaomi 14 is getting closer to release as all of the next phone’s details have appeared online, leaving smartphone aficionados with little room for speculation. According to rumors, the […]

Google Pixel 8 Price | Specification | भारत में Pixel फोन बनाने की योजना की घोषणा की, जिसकी शुरुआत Pixel 8 से होगी

Google said on Thursday that it would begin producing Pixel smartphones in India. The Pixel 8 will be manufactured by the search engine giant in India, and the first models […]

Oppo Find N3 स्नैपड्रैगन 8 जेन 2 चिप, 7.82-इंच इनर डिस्प्ले के साथ लॉन्च: कीमत, स्पेसिफिकेशन

On Thursday, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo unveiled its newest book-style foldable device, the Find N3. The new foldable smartphone, which replaces the Oppo Find N2 from last year, is […]