YouTube Introduces AI-Enabled Video Editing Tools

YouTube Introduces AI-Enabled Video Editing Tools

YouTube will launch a wide range of AI-powered creator features, the latest effort by parent company Google to include generative AI — technology that can create and create text, images, music, and other media in response to simple prompts — into its most important products and services.


Among the new tools launched by YouTube on Thursday is Dream Screen, a tool that employs generative AI to create video or image backgrounds to short-form films known as Shorts. It also introduced new AI-powered production tools for short- and long-form video editing on its platform.

Toni Reid, YouTube’s vice president of community products, said in a blog post timed to the launch on Thursday, “We’re introducing a range of products and features that will enable people to explore past the limits of creative expression.” The features were first announced by the Google-owned video platform in March.

Google has been pressed to provide results and practical applications for its generative AI technologies. Some opponents have expressed concern that the business, long seen as a leader in artificial intelligence, was falling behind upstarts such as OpenAI or rival Microsoft, and that the products Google was releasing were not yet suitable for public consumption. OpenAI’s ChatGPT and a new Bing chatbot from Microsoft — which has invested $13 billion (approximately Rs. 1,08,100 crore) in OpenAI since 2019 — have proven to be extremely popular and have achieved mainstream acceptance.

Google introduced its own ChatGPT competitor, Bard, a few months ago, and has been steadily updating the software. It has also integrated experimental generative AI capabilities into its most essential services, including its main search engine, in what the firm refers to as its “search generative experience.” In response to search queries, the software provides extensive summaries based on information ingested from the internet and other digital sources.

YouTube Create, a mobile app aimed at making video production work easier for the platform’s creators, was also launched. The software provides AI-powered features such as editing and trimming, automatic captioning, voiceover capabilities, and access to a collection of royalty-free music and filters. The software is now in beta for Android in “select markets,” according to the business, and will be available for free.

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