Yaariyan 2 Movie Review: दिव्या खोसला कुमार की यह फिल्म आपकी उम्मीद से बेहतर है

There are some movies that you just don’t think can be excellent or that good. The movie Yaariyan 2 is similar. the movie’s trailer, as well as the manner in which it has been advertised. completely unrelated to this movie. This movie is a pleasant surprise, and it’s a good one.

Three cousins are at the center of this story. Shikhar is Meezaan Jaffrey, Laadli is Divya Khosla Kumar, and Bajrang is Pearl V Puri . Regardless of what occurs in their personal and professional lives. In this movie, the same thing occurs. Ladli’s marital life is giving her problems. Bajrang is upset because he was duped in a romantic relationship. Bike racing is Shikhar’s passion, but his life is also chaotic. The three stories are linked. The story of Ladli, who must gain respect in the home of her husband’s girlfriend because of a certain event that altered her husband’s life, is the one that is most compelling. To find out what happened and whether Ladli will be able to accomplish her goals.

How is the movie

This movie is unique and unforeseen. Low expectations were held for this movie. More is given than that. The second half of the movie is where the action happens, however the first part of the movie feels a little boring. In the movie, Divya Khosla Kumar did outstanding work. She makes you feel things, and this is what makes this movie special.

Plus Point

The main character and heroine of the movie are both named Divya Khosla Kumar and the central focus of the entire movie. Divya surprises you right here. By the time the movie is over, you realize that she performs better than you would anticipate. Then why is it acting so underrated? Hopefully, this movie will shift Divya’s league and land her even bigger jobs that will allow her to showcase her incredible acting talent. Additionally, Meezaan Jaffrey demonstrates that he is not in the business simply because he is Javed Jaffrey’s son. He is a hard worker and is energized. Meezaan did a fantastic job in this area as well. Anaswara Raj did a good job portraying Meezaan in the film.

Minus Point

The screenplay had room for improvement. The story of the three cousins has taken up a lot of time in the beginning, which makes the first half boring as well. The movie had room to grow in this area.

Yaariyan 2 Movie Overview

Release date 20 Oct 2023
DirectorsRadhika Rao, Vinay Sapru
Casting directorGirdhar Swami
StoryAnjali Menon
Distributed byAA Films

Yaariyan 2 Movie Cast

  • Divya Khosla Kumar as Laadli Chibber
  • Yash Dasgupta as Abhay Singh Katyal
  • Anaswara Rajan as Ikrooh Awasthi
  • Meezaan Jafri as Shikhar Randhawa
  • Warina Hussain as Shona
  • Priya Prakash Varrier as Devi
  • Pearl V Puri as Bajrang Das Khatri aka Bajju
  • Lillete Dubey as Mrs. Chibber, Laadli’s mother
  • Murali Sharma
  • Usha Subramanian Saksena
  • Bhagyashree Bose as Rajlaxmi
  • Sudhir Pandey
  • Harman Baweja

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