The price from Swiggy is Rs 3 higher than the total! Clarification was required as things got tense on social media

If you have also ordered food from Swiggy, then check your bill immediately, you too have not been charged too much money. In fact, people are sharing screen shots of their food bills on social media, in which they are saying that Rs 3 extra has been charged on every order from them.

A small sum of money was taken, according to Swiggy

Currently, meal delivery provider Swiggy has clarified this. According to Swiggy, this issue is the result of a technical glitch, and the consumer has only been charged for the fixed amount of the order.

What was the source of the controversy?

This problem had been brought up by several users, including Deepak Shenoy, CEO of Capital Mind. In addition to this, other people have uploaded a screenshot of their bill to social media. After Deepak Shenoy posted a screenshot of his bill on social media, other people began doing the same. This is a scam, as Deepak Shenoy claimed on X, and Swiggy is also taking advantage of me. My prior order was for Rs. 255.60, however they charged me Rs. 259 instead. This does not appear to be a simple error. What is going on here?

User 'kingslyj' on messaging site X was the one who first put up this problem?

It's only a technical glitch,

In response to this, Swiggy said that no more money had been taken from any customers and that the issue was just a technical glitch. According to the business, every consumer paid the exact same amount of money at the register. Bill just displays more in the order history.

The business claimed that this happen because consumers are required to pay a platform cost of Rs 5; however, they only have to pay Rs 2 since they receive a discount of Rs 3. However, a problem prevents the discount from showing when the bill is viewed in the order history, causing many people’s invoices to show Rs 3 more.

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