iOS 17: The Top 17 iPhone OS Update Features You Should Know

Apple released iOS 17 to all qualified iPhones worldwide earlier this week.
The latest version includes a number of new features and customization options designed to improve the user experience on iPhones.

Here are the top 17 features of the latest iOS 17 update:


1) Name Drop adds further customizing to the Phone app: With the Phone app, iPhone users may personalize contact cards with bright photographs and names, as well as eye-catching typography and font colors.

NameDrop is also a new feature in iOS 17. Users, like AirDrop, can share contact information with new friends or colleagues. Users have brought their iPhones close to each other, and the contact information is exchanged with an impressive animation.

2) Upgraded iMessage app: iOS 17 introduces a new developed menu in the iMessage app. It has a ‘+’ symbol, and with one tap, you may access a wide range of services such as sharing location, snapshots, stickers, notes, and even more.

3) Check-In security function: With this, users can tell a family member or friends that they have arrived safe at their location. The Check-In tool can be found in the iMessage app.

4) Idle mode: This new feature is going to attract to all iPhone owners. When the iPhone is placed on a charger for overnight charging, it transforms into a smart display that displays only the necessary information in large fonts viewable from the far side of the bed. Other widgets, such as a calendar, foreign time, and appointment/meeting data, will be available in the morning.

5) FaceTime enhancements: With the release of iOS 17, FaceTime now offers voice and video communications. FaceTime calls also receive Reactions such as hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams, rain, and more.

6) Live Stickers: The new iOS 17 will allow users to design their own stickers that can be used for reactions or to produce a visual response on the iMessage app. Users can create bright stickers with amazing features by lifting items, human faces, or animal pets directly from images recorded on iPhones.

7) Long-range AirDrop: This new function will be available later this year. Even if the two iPhones are thousands of miles apart, the selected files will be transferred to the targeted iPhone over the Internet.

8) A journal app will be available later this year. The Journal app allows users to record their daily lives, reflect back, and practice appreciation through journaling, which according to research studies will improve the person’s mental well-being.

9) Display Range (eye safety feature): This function uses the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to encourage users to move their smartphone away from their face if it is more than 12 inches away for a long amount of time. It will help lower the risk of visual problems caused by long-term usage of unsafe light from electronic screens in this way.

10) Personalized voice: This new accessibility feature allows users who are at risk of losing their ability to speak to save their voice on the iPhone (iPad and Mac). This information will be saved solely on the owner’s device.

The owner of the iPhone will be required to read at least 150 phrases into an audio recording. The speech is safely processed on the device overnight while it is charging and connected to Wi-Fi. The iPhone’s neural engine (found on Apple Silicon) will handle the heavy lifting.

Users are able to utilize the Live Speech feature. He or she can type here to have the phrases spoken aloud by a Personal Voice that sounds like them.

Here’s how to enable Personal Voice on your iPhone or iPad:
Step 1: Launch the Settings application. Tap Personal Voice, then Accessibility.
Step 2: Select Create a Personal Voice.
Step 3: To record your voice, follow the onscreen directions.

Tap Done or dismiss the Settings app to pause your recording session. Your progress has been saved.

Go to Accessibility > Personal Voice in Settings.

Step 1: Select the Personal Voice that you want to develop further.

Step 2: Tap Continue Recording and then follow the onscreen steps.

11) Users can now download and utilize Apple Maps offline.

12) The new iOS 17 improves the autocorrect tool on the Keyboard and adds word prediction to help you finish your sentences faster.

13) iPhone users can now summon Siri without including the keyword ‘Hey’ in the call sentence. He or she can simply ask, “Siri, what’s the weather like today?”

14) Passkey and password sharing: Once iOS 17 is installed, users of the iPhone will be able to share a set of passwords with trusted contacts.

15) Through iOS 17, Apple is introducing the ability to check in with Apple ID using a phone number. Users can sign into their Apple ID using a phone number instead of an email address after updating to iOS/iPadOS 17 or macOS 14.

16) Full page screenshot: The feature is currently available on iOS 17. Users can scroll down to the bottom of the screenshot to see the entire page. Users can choose whether to save a full page in Safari, Mail, or Notes as a picture or a PDF to iPhone and iPad.

17) With the upcoming iOS/iPadOS 17, users will be able to access up to 2,000 calls in Recents within the Phone app, including phone and FaceTime calls, as well as WhatsApp calls.

How Do I Install iOS 17?

1. Switch to Settings.
2.Choose General.
3.Select Software Update.
4.Click on the Download and Install button.
5.Verify your identity using your passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.
6.Consider the terms and conditions.
7.Wait for iOS 17 to be downloaded and set up on your iPhone, which may take some time.
8.When the installation is finished, restart your iPhone.

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