7+ Features for the brand-new USB-C port on the iPhone 15 Pro.

1.Connect to a TV or external monitor

You can mirror your iPhone on a monitor or television that supports USB-C input thanks to the new USB-C port’s higher data transmission capability of 10Gbps. As a result, it is possible to play upcoming AAA games like Resident Evil 4 on a bigger screen at up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second for a better gaming experience.

2.Charge other devices

Additionally, iPhone reverse charging is supported by the USB-C port. You may use this function to directly charge other iPhones, Android phones, and accessories like AirPods. It could take some time to fully charge other gadgets because the reverse charging speed is only 4.5W.

3.With Ethernet, access the internet

On your iPhone, you can access high-speed internet with less lag than a Wi-Fi network if you have an USB-C cable with an RJ45 Ethernet connector. For activities like downloading huge files or uploading and downloading large media files to free up iPhone storage, this is very useful.

4.Create 4K videos and store them on an external drive

Users of the iPhone 15 Pro series can record 4K film directly to an external storage device in uncompressed form, which is a useful option for individuals who use iPhones with less internal capacity. Keep in mind that to do this, you’ll need an external storage device with quick read and write abilities.

5.Obtain information from an SD/micro
SD card

Using an external dongle, you may now read data from an SD card straight on your iPhone. Professional photographers and videographers who need to swiftly transfer data from their cameras to their iPhones without the need for a PC or Mac will find this to be especially helpful.

6.Playback of lossless audio with no lag

Users of the iPhone 15 Pro may experience lossless music using the new USB-C port, and you can use your existing USB-C headphones without the need for a separate adapter or connector. New USB-C EarPods from Apple are also available and work with non-Pro models.

7.Utilize an external microphone to capture audio.

The iPhone 15 Pro series allows users to directly capture high-resolution audio using connected or wireless microphone connections. Vloggers and journalists trying to improve their audio recording skills will find this tool especially helpful.

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